Sound Wave Project

Ben Tesch University graffiti 7.26.16


We were tasked with creating a presentation on Bass, Frequency and Sound Waves. In our presentation we discussed what sound waves are, how to manipulate them (and what different manipulations do), and what frequency is.¬†We build it in “Google Slides” then transferred it over to “SlideShare” when done.


  1. Received our topic at the end of the day on Friday
  2. Started work on gathering information on Monday
  3. Brainstormed how to put together the presentation
  4. Started to build the actual slides
  5. Presented after lunch on Monday
  6. Created this blog post Tues morning

The Presentation

What I Learned

For the most part I knew this stuff going into it. I have taken the AP Physics class at my school and one of our units was on waves. I was able however to learn more about the slide share process as well as work on my blog posting.

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